Selectividad for foreigner students (UNED)

Access to Universities for Foreigner Students (PCE/Unedassis)

Have you decided to take the big leap and start planning your student life in Spain? You probably have already realized that studying in a foreign country has thousands of advantages, such as enriching your knowledge, your culture and your social skills. Making new friends and meeting incredible places in Spain is one of the goals you should set when you come.

If something scares you, then you should try it. And this is the time to overcome that fear of studying in one of the European countries with a good education, a wonderful climate and a very sociable population.

If you come from an international bachelor’s degree or have studied outside of Spain and the Spanish educational system, then you will have to pass the Specific Competence Tests (PCE) to access a Spanish university (equivalent to Selectividad). Preparing for these exams with a good academy can mark a before and after in your life.

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Did you know that we have been more than 30 years in Andalusia offering specific courses of Selectividad for foreigners?

Here are some reasons to join us:

1. You can choose between online and face-to-face classes, so that wherever you are, you can prepare access without losing quality.
2. Classes will be tailored to your schedule. We take very seriously into account the time difference, so we always adapt to the needs of our students.
3. Free legal advice: we help you manage the paperwork required to obtain a student visa.
4. Pure motivation by our staff of trained and experienced teachers in their subjects.
5. Dynamics and participation in each class and with each student, ensuring a good environment among colleagues.
6. Online platform created especially for our students, responding to the quality of image and sound they demand.
7. Didactic material included: notes, temaries, previous exams, etc. All in relation to the requirements of the exam.
8. Excursions organized so that our foreign students get to know incredible places and make new friends.


It is a service of the National University of Distance Education (UNED) created for the management of access and admission of students to Spanish universities, this service is especially aimed at international students to facilitate access through accreditations and the performance of specific tests.

This service is aimed at students from the European Union and countries of international educational systems who can homologate their studies to the Spanish bachelor’s (Bachillerato in Spain) degree.

  • 2 subjects: European, Chinese or with International Bachelor. The universities of Galicia.
  • 4 subjects: Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Extremadura, León, Salamanca, Valladolid and Burgos. In these cases, you can apply for the Bachelor’s Degree, an extra requirement.
  • 6 subjects: the rest of the universities. They are asking to make an EBAU structure, which is the same as for Spanish undergraduates (having EBAU structure does not mean having to do the same exams as the Spanish. It refers only to your choice of subjects to be submitted).

The modality of bachelor’s degree is a requirement that can be asked to us in some universities in Spain (not all), these are: the Universities of the Community of Madrid and those of Castile and León.

In these universities, you can get the maximum score by only performing 4 subjects. There are 4 types of Bachelor:

  • Modality of Science
  • Modality of Social Sciences
  • Modes of Humanities
  • Modality of Art

To be able to apply for this access criterion we should choose a subject of the general block, the subject of modality according to the branch of studies (sciences, art, social, humanities) and up to two optative subjects.

In order to be successful with this criterion, we can have two situations:

  • Passing the general, the modality and one of the specific subjects, if you fail an optative, nothing happens, your mark will be positive.
  • Have an average score of 5 points among the four subjects of the study branch. You can approve two assignments and fail two as long as the average mark of the four assignments is approved. (more than 5).

Legal requirements


Have been admitted to an official Spanish centre and pay the tuition fee for the studies you will undertake. Academia Puerta Real has the necessary approval for the application for your student visa.


To have financial means to keep you unemployed during your studies (around 600€/month).


Do not have a criminal history in your country of origin, as well as any contagious disease. And also, contract a private medical insurance with an insurance company in Spain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to arrive in Spain as a student, and once your studies have finished, to modify your study permission to residence and work permission, but for doing this you have to prove a number of requirements:

  • Continuous permanence in Spain for at least three years in a situation of stay.
  • Having completed studies or completed research work.
  • Not having been granted or subsidized by public or private parties.
  • Lack of criminal antecedents in Spain.
  • Having a contract signed by the employer and worker that has a minimum validity of one year and is for a full time.
  • Employers must have financial resources for hiring.
  • Having the training and, where applicable, the professional qualification legally required for the exercise of the profession.

The student visa is the residence permit that allows non-EU citizens to stay in Spain while studying in public or private educational centres, conducting research in the country or participating in some type of training.

The student visa will be granted to you for the period of time that the studies in Spain in which you have enrolled last.

You can apply for a student visa at the Spanish Consulate in your country of origin. However, you can also apply for a Study Permit in Spain, if you enter the country as a tourist.

The most important of the requirements for applying for the authorization of Study from Spain, is to comply with the legally established deadline. It is very important to submit the application to the corresponding Foreign Office, at most two months after your entry into Spain. That is, if you still have at least one month of legal stay in Spain. If this deadline is not met, the Office will not accept your application.

  • Being admitted to a Spanish centre and to have paid the tuition fee for the studies to be carried out.
  • Having financial means to keep you unemployed during your studies (about 600 euros per month).
  • Having a private health insurance and do not have contagious diseases.
  • Not having a criminal record in your country of origin
  • In this question, we will focus on the advantages related to the issue of migration. The student visa will report the following benefits:

    1. You can come accompanied by your relatives: Spanish legislation allows the granting of a study visa to a person and in turn extend this benefit to certain of their relatives, who can come with a character of accompanying for all the time that the authorization to stay for studies, without the need that these also have to study in Spain.
    2. It will allow you to stay in Spain for a period of more than 90 days, which is the maximum time a tourist can stay in the entire Schengen territory.
    3. The study residence permit will allow you to travel to other countries that are part of the Schengen territory without having to apply for a tourist visa in these countries.
    4. If you subsequently obtain a residence in Spain, 50% of the time you spent with the study visa will be computed for the purpose of obtaining the EU Long-Term Residency in Spain.
    5. Having a study residence permit you can obtain a special work permit for students, which will allow you to develop economic activities on a part-time basis.
    6. There exists the possibility of changing the situation of Study Stay to the status of residence and work on behalf of others or on their own.
  • The acquisition of the student visa, as well as the authorization of the Student Stay are Spanish bureaucratic procedures that require the fulfilment of a number of specific requirements, so it is very important that you have a good prior and specialized advice before you begin to gather the necessary documentation, and you have the help of a professional who guides you throughout this procedure.

Rocío Valero

About Spanish universities

The call for applications for accreditation opens in February and closes on 1 December of the same year. From the UNEDasiss website, you can access applications from your computer.

The prices to be paid for UNEDasiss accreditations have been approved by the UNED Government Council and its Social Council. The approved prices for the different accreditation services are as follows:

These fees are not subject to price reduction or exemption for numerous families, nor are they subject to other types of discounts and/or exemptions.

Students must pay the prices corresponding to all the accreditation services requested, even if these are denied by UNEDasiss after the study of the documentation provided.

Once the application is sent, the student will not be able to eliminate services already requested, although they may modify services or increase the accreditation services they have requested.

Modifications that do not result in a decrease in the prices to be paid and that have been requested prior to the issuance of the accreditations or the deadline for requesting PCE shall be accepted.

The application for recognition of a new subject must be paid, even if the resolution of this application is negative.


In general, the reasons and causes of return established in Articles 12 and 27.5 of the Law on Public Taxes and Prices are applicable to these fees.

Only the amounts paid will be refunded in the following cases:

  • Duplicate payments for the same concept.
  • The expenses are higher than the applicable rates.
  • When the service has not been provided for a cause attributable to UNEDasiss.
  • When the student does not meet the minimum requirement to access the university and proceed to verify it by the UNED.
  • Death of the student

Under no account will the return of the prices paid in terms of secretariat fees and opening of the file proceed.

All requests for return will be initiated at the request of the interested party by sending an email to and will be processed once the call ends.

No refunds will be made for amounts paid for the following reasons:

  • Not having taken the examination
  • The destination university does not require certain services or does not evaluate UNEDasiss accreditation
  • The services requested are not necessary
  • Requested services have been denied
  • Documentation has been requested from the applicant and it has not been provided.

What are the exams like?


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Activities in the city

From Academia Puerta Real we offer and accompany students in group to discover the most emblematic and culturally relevant places in the city. We organise excursions, visits to museums… and much more!


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Some moments from the photography contest along Granada’s streets, in which our foreign students who are preparing to study in Spanish Universities participated. 🌍📸

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