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The educational offer that Academia Puerta Real offers you responds to a wide range of academic and professional needs in the contemporary world. Therefore, our courses are designed like this:

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By levels according to the CEFR:

Each level of the framework is made up of a set of modules which has content programmed for the development of the 4 language skills (oral expression and interaction, written expression and interaction, reading comprehension and listening comprehension) in order to achieve a general command of the Spanish language

By objectives:

Each course by objective is made up of a set of CEFR levels that allow you to achieve a specific competence required by different academic and/or professional institutions. For this reason, at the end of each course, the student is able to take the SIELE exam with a command corresponding to the level studied.

Spanish course for foreigners OBJECTIVE A2

Spanish course for foreigners OBJECTIVE B1

Spanish course for foreigners OBJECTIVE B2

Spanish course for foreigners OBJECTIVE C1

Summer Spanish courses for foreigners

Private lessons with a Spanish for Foreigners teacher. We can arrange an individual course at any time of the year. See here for more details:

Private lessons for groups with a Spanish teacher. We can arrange a course for a private group at any time of the year. See here for more details:

These courses focus on achieving language proficiency according to specific pragmatic and contextual purposes. For example, to improve the learner’s performance in specific work environments or to enable the learner to obtain certification (such as that granted by the DELE exam).

What is SIELE?

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