Syllabus for Spanish as a Foreign Language

centro siele academia puerta real

Through this ELE Syllabus, Academia Puerta Real sets out the elements that make up its academic identity and seeks to account for the training itineraries proposed for students to achieve their learning objectives. The academic planning set out in this document responds, on the one hand, to a global need for professionalization in the teaching-learning processes of ELE, as well as the standardization of knowledge, tools and methodologies that takes as a reference model the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). On the other hand, it responds to the specific characteristics of the geographical and socio-cultural context that gives specificity to our teaching center and whose training needs are reflected in our academic offer.

Therefore, our main objective is the creation of a cutting-edge education. We are a private school committed to academic excellence, where students are at the core of the teaching-learning project we propose. We foster a learning environment that celebrates diversity, promotes inclusion and embraces innovation to ensure that each student reaches their full academic potential through an enriching and memorable experience during their time with us, creating competent memories and skills. Therefore, our team is intercultural and pan-Hispanic and is sufficiently prepared (either due to their training or extensive experience) to achieve the cutting-edge education that we have set ourselves since the founding of the academy in 2012 and since the first Spanish courses for foreigners taught in our centre since 2013.

Academia Puerta Real is located in the heart of Granada, in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia in southern Spain. Due to its geographical location, its historical relationship with Arab cultures and the current context of Spanish Cooperation for regional integration, our centre responds to a wide demand for training in the area of ELE from Arabic speakers who take the Selectividad exams in Spain, who are looking to enter the Spanish-speaking labour market or who wish to continue their academic training in universities in the wide Hispanic world, especially in Spain. However, our ELE programme also includes the integration of students from different cultures and nationalities.

The centre is equipped with the necessary material for the performance of academic and administrative functions that allow the optimal development of our curriculum. Thus, in addition to proclaiming a commitment to educational quality, diversity, inclusion and innovation, it has also implemented procedures and practices that comply with international quality standards, through a management system that seeks customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. For this reason, the academy is certified by ISO 9001:2015 through AENOR by complying with the management standards established at international level and whose audit has been carried out by a prestigious entity. The details of our Quality Management System can be found in the Administrative Processes Manual of our institution.

Likewise, the responsible bodies, the order and the objectives pursued by our academic processes can be consulted in the Academic Procedures Manual of our institution.

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