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Have you decided to take the leap and start to plan your life as a student in Spain? You will probably know that studying in a foreign country has plenty of advantages, such as enriching your knowledge, your culture and your social skills. Making new friends and getting to know incredible places in Spain is one of the goals you must set your mind to when you think about coming to our country. If doing something scares you, then you must try to do it. So this is the moment to overcome the fear of studying in a country with an excellent education system, nice weather and sociable people 

If you have done an international baccalaureate, or you have studied high school outside Spain or outside the Spanish education system, and you would like to Access a Spanish University, you will have to pass a specific test (Pruebas de Competencias Específicas, or PCE, in Spanish), which is similar to the Spanish University Entrance Exam (known as “Selectividad”). Preparing for these exams with the right academy is a very important choice. 

What are the requirements to study in Spain?

  • Having been admitted to one Spanish official centre upon payment of the tuition fees for the studies you are going to take. Academia Puerta Real has the neccessary homologation to request your student visa.
  • Having the neccessary economic resources to live without working during your time as a student (around 600€ per month)
  • Not having a criminal record in your home country or any contagious disease. Also, you must hire a private health insurance in Spain.

University Access Course

We offer you University access course, Spanish for foreigners and legal advice to obtain the student VISA included on the price.

Find out about our University Entrance Exam for foreigners

Did you know that we have been offering our University Entrance Exam courses for more than 20 years? Here we give you some reasons to prepare for your exam with us:

  1. You will be able to choose between online lessons and in-person lessons, so that you can access our courses wherever you are withoug losing learning quality.
  2. We adapt our lessons to your schedule. We are fully aware of the different time zones. That is why we always adapt to our students’ needs.
  3. Legal counseling for free: we will help you with the necessary paperwork to get your student visa.
  4. Spanish course for free if you need it.
  5. You will find motivation in our qualified, experienced teachers 
  6. An online platform that we have created specially for our students. It meets the necessary sound and image requirements
  7. You will be able to participate in every class, which will ensure a nice atmosphere with your classmates
  8. Your instructional materials are included: notes, syllabus, previous tests, etc. Our material meets the exam requirements.
  9. We organize trips in order to make our foreign students get to know incredible places and make new friends
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Our Immigration Law Specialist


Yes, it is possible to arrive in Spain as a student with a valid permit for study stays. A permanent Spanish Residence and Work Permit may be obtained after your studies. This means that you will be asked to provide some information for governmental requirements.

  • Provide evidence of continuous stay in Spain and certify legal residence for at least three years
  • Provide a copy of your degree certificate or research project
  • Not having received a grant or subsidy from public or private entities
  • No criminal record in Spain
  • Possession of a full-time employment contract of not less than one year signed by the worker and employer at the moment of application
  • The employer must have the necessary financial resources for hiring and employing workers
  • Recognition of the holder’s technical capacity, required for the practice of the profession concerned.

The Student Visa is the residence permission that allows non-EU citizens to stay in Spain during their studies, in all public and private educational institutions and centres, and those who participate in funded research or involved in some doctoral/training programmes.

The Student Visa will be granted to you for the duration of your studies for which you have enrolled.

There is the possibility to apply for the Student Visa at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country. However, if you travel to Spain as a tourist an application can also be made for your Studies Visit Authorisation Card after arrival in Spain.

MAKE SURE YOU MEET THE DEADLINE for applying for your Studies Visa Authorisation Card in Spain. You must submit your application to the Aliens Office within two months from your entry to Spain. Yet, you are recommended to apply the earliest. If this deadline is not met, the Aliens Office will not accept your application.

  • Admission letter issued by a Spanish educational institution upon payment of the tuition fees.
  • Proof of economic solvency in order to cover your expenses of subsistence (approx. 600€ a month) while you are out of employment.
  • Proof of Private Medical Insurance Insurance and have no contagious diseases.
  • No criminal records in Spain or country of origin.

To answer this we are going to focus on the advantages concerning the issue of migration. The Student Visa will bring you the following benefits:

  1. A parent or guardian can accompany you: Spanish law allows the granting of a Study Visa to a person and for whom the issuing of a visa might be extended for the benefit of an accompanying adult while you are studying in Spain.
  2. It gives you right to reside in Spain for a period of over 90 days, which is the maximum period following the date of first entry into the Schengen territory.
  3. Your Studies Visit Authorisation Card will allow you to travel to other Member States that are part of the Schengen territory without having to apply for a tourist visa in these countries.
  4. If you want to apply for a Residence status in Spain later, 50% of your study visa time will count towards for the obtaining of an EU Long-Term Residence in a Member State
  5. The holding of a Studies Visa Authorisation entitles you to work either part-time or in a temporary position. The company that employs you is responsible to apply or work authorisation for you.
  6. You have the option of changing your Studies Visa Authorisation status for a Work and residence visa, which allows for carrying out a labour or professional activity, working for others or self-employed.

The extension of your Student Visa should be submitted with the relevant documents at the Aliens Office, within a period of 60 days of the mandatory time of right after the expiring date of the same. You must meet a series of requirements to be able to apply:

  1. Proof of economic solvency in order to cover your expenses of subsistence (approx. 600€ a month) while you are out of employment.
  2. Proof of Private Medical Insurance and have no contagious diseases.
  3. Proof of having passed the appropriate tests or relevant requisites for continuing your studies.
  4. Enrolment Form in Spanish Programmes, Universities & Education in Spain.

The application process for a Spain Study Visa can often be complicated, requires a lot of energy, and a lot of documents to be collected. Hence, having a good legal advice and specialised professional throughout the process will help you to set up all the necessary paperwork, procedures and schemes.

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